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  1. questionLantronix UDS1100 Connection and Device Programming Guide (PN 9719-7031B)
    The Lantronix UDS1100 is a single-port serial-to-Ethernet device server. This document outlines the procedures for connecting this device to Adaptive LED displays, as well as basic setup and programming instructions. PN 9719-7031/Revision B Updated 12/3/2010
  2. questionExcite Back-to-Back Installation Instructions (PN 1199615004 B)
    These instructions explain how to connect Excite master and slave signs together in a back-to-back configuration using the Back-to-Back Kit (PN 1199230002). This document supersedes and replaces PN 1199612101. Document date: 3/1/2010
  3. questionFiber Optic Communications for AlphaEclipse Signs (04-0002)
    Describes the fiber optic solution, parts, and implementation for communications with AlphaEclipse classic, RoadStar, and StreetSmart signs. Document date: 2/11/04
  4. questionReplacement Instructions for LVDS Data Cables for Excite 16mm (pn 1186612001 B)
    This document outlines replacement instructions for the LVDS cable kit (pn 11861205SP) that is used with AlphaEclipse Excite 16mm displays. Revised 7/27/2009
  5. questionModel 1650 WiFi Wireless Setup Using Windows (pn 1288610201)
    This document outlines setup considerations when configuring the EnGenius 1650 WiFi unit on a Windows based PC. Document Date: 8/24/2009
  6. questionReturn Material Authorization Form (pn 97000177)
    The Return Material Authorization (RMA) form is used when returning defective equipment back to Adaptive Micro Systems for analysis. A correctly filled out RMA form provides critical information that allows Adaptive to better serve our dealer network. Document date: 07/14/08
  7. questionBillboard Diagnostic Camera Replacement Instructions (1109610106)
    Document describes how to replace a billboard diagnostic camera. Document date: 5/8/08
  8. questionBillboard UPS Replacement Instructions (pn 1109610110)
    Instructions for replacing the UPS in a deluxe remote control cabinet. Document date: 5/21/08
  9. questionBillboard PC Controller Replacement Instructions (pn 1109610108)
    Instructions on how to replace the billboard's deluxe control cabinet's PC Controller. Document date: 5/21/08
  10. questionReplacing the WiFi Bridge or Access Point for Excite, RoadStar, or StreetSmart Signs (pn 1288610102)
    These instructions explain how to replace an access point or bridge unit connected to an AlphaEclipse ™ Excite™, RoadStar™, or StreetSmart™ sign that is using Ooh!Media messaging software.In the latest revision, we corrected the IP address information for the bridge and ...
  11. questionWiFi Setup Guide - Connecting Wifi Units to Excite, RoadStar, or StreetSmart Signs that use Ooh!Media Software (pn 1288610101)
    This document explains how to connect WiFi units (bridge and access points) and send a test message to the sign using Ooh!Media to verify the installation. To use the kit with an AlphaEclipse™ RoadStar™ or StreetSmart™ sign, the sign must be using the new Ethernet controller an ...
  12. questionMaxStream XPress Wireless Ethernet Bridge Replacement Instructions for Excite 23mm Series A Signs (pn 1199610401)
    This document describes how to replace MaxStream Ethernet Bridge modems in AlphaEclipse Excite™ signs. Document date: 1/26/07
  13. questionQuickStart - Connecting an Excite Sign to an Ethernet Network (pn 1199611201)
    These instructions explain how to set up an AlphaEclipse Excite 23mm pitch sign on an Ethernet network. Revision B includes updates for Ooh!Media 1.1 and is in 11x17 format. Document date: 3/16/07
  14. questionGetting Started - Connecting the MaxStream XPress Ethernet Bridge to an Excite Sign (pn 1199611301)
    These instructions explain how to set up an AlphaEclipse Excite 23mm pitch Series A sign with the MaxStream XPress Ethernet Bridge. This document is in 11 x 17 format. Document date: 10/26/07
  15. questionRF900 Wireless Transceiver Upgrade Instructions for AlphaEclipse StreetSmart Signs (pn 1179659401)
    This manual explains how to field upgrade an AlphaEclipse StreetSmart sign with a RF900 wireless transceiver. Document date: 3/28/06
  16. questionLocus Wireless Transceiver Upgrade Instructions for AlphaEclipse StreetSmart Signs (pn 1179659301)
    This manual explains how to field upgrade an AlphaEclipse StreetSmart sign with a Locus 120V RadioLinx wireless transceiver. Document date: 3/20/06
  17. questionMaxStream XTend Wireless Transceiver Upgrade Instructions for AlphaEclipse StreetSmart Signs (pn 1179659201)
    This manual explains how to field upgrade an AlphaEclipse StreetSmart sign to use a MaxStream wireless XTend transceiver. Document date: 1/27/06
  18. questionRS485 Wire Changes (04-0001)
    Effective on or before February 1, 2004, Adaptive Micro Systems is offering new wire for use with RS485 networks. This change is necessary to optimize communications with Alpha and AlphaEclipse signs. Document date: 1/16/04
  19. questionMaximizing Wireless Transmitter Range (04-0008)
    This document provides information for increasing the range between the wireless transceiver connected to a computer and a wireless transceiver inside a sign. The Alpha RF900 is a 900 MHz transceiver and the Locus transceiver uses 2.4 GHz. Document date: 9/8/04
  20. question6-Position Adapter Wiring (05-0004)
    A 6-position adapter (pn 4331-0604) is typically used as an RS232 interface to connect a computer to a sign. This TechMemo describes how to correctly wire an adapter in order to create an RS232 connection to a sign. Document date: 8/10/05
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