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  1. questionAlphaEclipse Excite 16mm 20mm 23mm & 35mm Installation Manual (pn 1199613601)
    This manual contains the following information regarding the installation of AlphaEclipse Excite 16mm, 20mm, 23mm, and 35mm signs: * High-level equipment description * Mechanical installation * Electrical installation * Temperature probe * Light sensor assembly * Networking Document date: 7/27/ ...
  2. questionEarth Grounding Outdoor Signs (pn 97197008)
    Describes the proper method of grounding outdoor signs. Updated 8/18/2010 (Revision D) Original Document date: 10/27/08
  3. questionReplacement Instructions for LVDS Data Cables for Excite 16mm (pn 1186612001 B)
    This document outlines replacement instructions for the LVDS cable kit (pn 11861205SP) that is used with AlphaEclipse Excite 16mm displays. Revised 7/27/2009