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  1. questionWarranty Activation Installation Checklist (pn 1109610119)
    The Five-Year Warranty Activation Checklist ensures that an Adaptive LED display has been correctly installed according to manufacturer's guidelines. The authorized Adaptive Selling Partner must complete and return this Activation Form to Adaptive within 30 days of the sign installation to be ...
  2. questionAlphaEclipse Classic 2500 Series Sales Brochure (PN 97117007A)
    This sales flyer lists the benefits and features of the AlphaEclipse 2500 Series of monochrome LED displays, including available sizes, character counts, and weights of available units. Updated 1/05.
  3. questionReference Guide: NEC Table 250.122 / Minimum Size Grounding Conductors
    An industry-standard table of requirements for minimum size equipment grounding conductors used in grounding raceway and equipment. This table is referenced in the quick-start guide for grounding that is included with Adaptive outdoor products. Added January 3, 2011
  4. questionLantronix UDS1100 Connection and Device Programming Guide (PN 9719-7031B)
    The Lantronix UDS1100 is a single-port serial-to-Ethernet device server. This document outlines the procedures for connecting this device to Adaptive LED displays, as well as basic setup and programming instructions. PN 9719-7031/Revision B Updated 12/3/2010
  5. questionFiber Optic Communications for AlphaEclipse Signs (04-0002)
    Describes the fiber optic solution, parts, and implementation for communications with AlphaEclipse classic, RoadStar, and StreetSmart signs. Document date: 2/11/04
  6. questionTemperature Probe Installation Instructions (pn 97000132)
    Provides guidelines for the proper installation of the temperature probe for AlphaEclipse™ outdoor signs. The latest revision includes updates to the wiring pinout colors for the Excite™ 23mm Series A signs and updates to the formatting and copyright information. These instructions ...
  7. questionTroubleshooting Guide for AlphaEclipse 2500, 2600, and 3500 Signs (pn 97116023)
    This document provides comprehensive troubleshooting information on serial, wireless, and modem communication for AlphaEclipse™ 2500, 2600, and 3500 signs. Document date: 12/15/03
  8. questionAlphaEclipse Signs Master-Multiple Slave Configuration (pn 97116022)
    This document describes how to interconnect one Master and three Slave AlphaEclipse™ signs. Document date: 9/25/03
  9. questionHow to Connect an AlphaEclipse Master Unit (2500, 2600, or 3500) and an AlphaEclipse Slave Unit (2500, 2600, or 3500) (pn 97116017)
    This document describes how to connect an AlphaEclipse Master Unit and an AlphaEclipse Slave Unit (2500, 2600, or 3500). In this "A" revision of the guide, updates were made to the Adaptive logo and trademark information. Document date: 11/4/03
  10. questionHow to Connect Two AlphaEclipse 2500, 2600, or 3500 Master Units (pn 97116016)
    This document describes how to connect two AlphaEclipse™ Master Units (2500, 2600, or 3500). In this "A" revision, changes were made to Adaptive's logo and trademark information. Document date: 11/17/03
  11. questionUnderstanding Outdoor LED Electronic Signs (pn 97116007)
    This white paper explains the basic terms and concepts of light and human sight that are necessary for an understanding of LED sign technology and examines the variables involved in selecting an outdoor LED sign. In this "A" revision, changes were made to Adaptive's logo and trademark informat ...
  12. questionRS485 Wire Changes (04-0001)
    Effective on or before February 1, 2004, Adaptive Micro Systems is offering new wire for use with RS485 networks. This change is necessary to optimize communications with Alpha and AlphaEclipse signs. Document date: 1/16/04
  13. questionService Bulletin 07-0002 AlphaEclipse Signs and Daylight Saving Time
    The United States has changed the dates for Daylight Saving Time. These instructions explain how to set the sign’s time using AlphaNet or Ooh!Media. Document date: 3/9/07
  14. questionService Bulletin 07-0001 - Replacing Board Level Components on Outdoor Signs
    Board level components are not to be hot-swapped. Follow these instructions to swap board level components. Document date: 1/3/07
  15. questionSeries B Alpha Ethernet Adapter II Kit Installation Instructions (pn 97088101)
    This document describes the Series B Alpha Ethernet Adapter II and how to use it to connect a sign’s RS232/RS485 port to a 10/100BASE-T Ethernet network. With the latest revision, TechMemo #04-0009 is obsolete. In this revision, installation instructions, Alpha Ethernet software set up i ...
  16. questionAlphaEclipse 2500-2600-3500 Series Sign Installation Manual (pn 97116024)
    This document describes the electrical and mechanical installation of AlphaEclipse™ 2500, 2600, and 3500 signs. Also included is information on sign configuration and networking. NOTE: In this revision of the manual, information was updated on the 6-position adapter which is used for exte ...
  17. questionALPHA Marquee Control ActiveX Developer's Reference (Version 2.0) (pn 97092059)
    The Alpha® Marquee Control is a development tool designed to ease communication with an Alpha® Marquee Display. This document discusses system requirements and general use of the Control, as well as a Messenger Manager Utility. Document date: 1/17/03
  18. questionALPHA Marquee Control ActiveX Developer's Reference (pn 97092054)
    This 25-page document provides information for developers who want to send ActiveX data to Alpha® signs via COM port or IP addressing. The Alpha® Marquee ActiveX Control can display predefined, customized, or run-time messages. Included with the control is a Message Manager utility whic ...
  19. questionALPHA Marquee ActiveX Control Installation Instructions (pn 97092050)
    This 4-page document describes how to install, start, and uninstall the ActiveX software and how to print the user manual. Document date: 3/20/00
  20. questionHow to Install AlphaNET 3.0 Software (pn 97088099)
    This 2-page guide details how to install AlphaNET™ 3.0 software and how to print the software manual either before or after installation. Document date: 10/11/07
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