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  1. question28x64 Front Access Full Matrix LED Sign Maintenance Manual (pn 1507610502)
    This manual describes how to install, maintain, and field replace components on a 28x64 front access full matrix LED sign. Document date: 11/05/08
  2. questionReference Guide: NEC Table 250.122 / Minimum Size Grounding Conductors
    An industry-standard table of requirements for minimum size equipment grounding conductors used in grounding raceway and equipment. This table is referenced in the quick-start guide for grounding that is included with Adaptive outdoor products. Added January 3, 2011
  3. questionEarth Grounding Outdoor Signs (pn 97197008)
    Describes the proper method of grounding outdoor signs. Updated 8/18/2010 (Revision D) Original Document date: 10/27/08
  4. questionEzView 20mm / 23mm Extruded Case Installation Manual (1704610102)
    This manual contains installation instructions for EzView extruded case signs. The information in this manual is subject to change without notice. Updated 9/2/2010
  5. questionOutdoor Sign Electrical Requirements
    This document provides electrical guidelines and requirements for electrically connecting an Adaptive outdoor sign (Excite, RoadStar, and StreetSmart). You will also find this information in every outdoor sign install manual. Note: This information was extracted from the Excite installation man ...
  6. questionReturn Material Authorization Form (pn 97000177)
    The Return Material Authorization (RMA) form is used when returning defective equipment back to Adaptive Micro Systems for analysis. A correctly filled out RMA form provides critical information that allows Adaptive to better serve our dealer network. Document date: 07/14/08
  7. questionBillboard Diagnostic Camera Replacement Instructions (1109610106)
    Document describes how to replace a billboard diagnostic camera. Document date: 5/8/08
  8. questionBillboard UPS Replacement Instructions (pn 1109610110)
    Instructions for replacing the UPS in a deluxe remote control cabinet. Document date: 5/21/08
  9. questionBillboard PC Controller Replacement Instructions (pn 1109610108)
    Instructions on how to replace the billboard's deluxe control cabinet's PC Controller. Document date: 5/21/08