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  1. questionAlpha Solar Sign Installation and Operation Manual (pn 97051002)
    This document describes mounting instructions, electrical connection, connecting a sign to a personal computer, and instructions on basic Alpha® Solar™ sign operation. For this "C" version, information for RS232 connection was updated. Document date: 9/3/01
  2. questionAlpha Solar Field Service Manual (pn 97051007)
    This service manual supplies technical information for service and technical personnel so that they can maintain the equipment at the assembly (or board), but not the component, level. This manual is intended as a guide for maintenance and electrical repairs considered field repairable. For thi ...
  3. questionAlpha Remote Control Programming Manual (pn 97040002)
    This document describes how to use an infrared Remote Control to program the following signs: Alpha 200, 300, 400, 4000, and 7000 series signs. Also for Big Dot and Solar signs. In this "C" version of the manual, the Adaptive logo and trademark information was updated. Document date: 10/27/03