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  1. questionAlpha Sign Communications Protocol (pn 97088061)
    This document explains how to use the Alpha® sign communications protocol to send messages and graphics to Alpha® signs. In this March 15, 2017 revision, Alphanet 3.0 protocol commands are documented for line spacing and character spacing. Note: Technical support is NOT provided with t ...
  2. questionReturn Material Authorization Form (pn 97000177)
    The Return Material Authorization (RMA) form is used when returning defective equipment back to Adaptive Micro Systems for analysis. A correctly filled out RMA form provides critical information that allows Adaptive to better serve our dealer network. Document date: 07/14/08
  3. questionInfinity Series B Sign Service Manual (pn 1133610104)
    This manual covers the information required to safely maintain, service, and troubleshoot Infinity series B signs in the field. Document date: 5/23/08
  4. questionAlpha Industrial Protocol (pn 97118814)
    Describes the protocol used to trigger messages and to update variables on Alpha® signs equipped with the Industrial Protocol firmware. This is version 3.2. NOTE: This document replaces the "Modbus ASCII Protocol" manual (pn 97118813). Document date: 3/17/03