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  1. questionService Bulletin 07-0007 Software and Operating System Compatibility Matrix
    Use this compatibility matrix to quickly determine with which operating systems a particular software application is compatible. Document date: 10/24/07
  2. questionALPHA Marquee Control ActiveX Developer's Reference (Version 2.0) (pn 97092059)
    The Alpha® Marquee Control is a development tool designed to ease communication with an Alpha® Marquee Display. This document discusses system requirements and general use of the Control, as well as a Messenger Manager Utility. Document date: 1/17/03
  3. questionALPHA Marquee Control ActiveX Developer's Reference (pn 97092054)
    This 25-page document provides information for developers who want to send ActiveX data to Alpha® signs via COM port or IP addressing. The Alpha® Marquee ActiveX Control can display predefined, customized, or run-time messages. Included with the control is a Message Manager utility whic ...
  4. questionALPHA Marquee ActiveX Control Installation Instructions (pn 97092050)
    This 4-page document describes how to install, start, and uninstall the ActiveX software and how to print the user manual. Document date: 3/20/00