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  1. questionTech Memo: AlphaNet Base32 Data Corruption Fix (#10-0001)
    This Tech Memo addresses procedures used to perform regular backups of the AlphaNet Sitebase32 data file. This fixes the issue of AlphaNet malfunctions that may result from an excessively large database that is used by the program. Created 3/8/2010
  2. questionService Bulletin 07-0007 Software and Operating System Compatibility Matrix
    Use this compatibility matrix to quickly determine with which operating systems a particular software application is compatible. Document date: 10/24/07
  3. questionService Bulletin 07-0002 AlphaEclipse Signs and Daylight Saving Time
    The United States has changed the dates for Daylight Saving Time. These instructions explain how to set the sign’s time using AlphaNet or Ooh!Media. Document date: 3/9/07
  4. questionHow to Install AlphaNET 3.0 Software (pn 97088099)
    This 2-page guide details how to install AlphaNET™ 3.0 software and how to print the software manual either before or after installation. Document date: 10/11/07
  5. questionAlphaNET Quick Start for RoadStar and StreetSmart Signs (pn 1179610601)
    Explains how to connect an AlphaEclipse™ StreetSmart™ or RoadStar™ sign with RS232 and setup AlphaNet software. Also provides a quick start on sending messages. Document date: 10/11/07
  6. questionAlphaNET Quick Start Card (pn 97088103)
    This pocket-sized, 3 x 4 card provides step-by-step instructions and tips for setting up the messaging software. Document date: 9/16/04
  7. questionAlphaNET 3.0 User Manual (pn 97088081)
    This document shows how to install and use version 3.0 of the AlphaNET™ software. Lengthy examples show how to set up and send messages to a network of signs. Document date: 10/11/07