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  1. question120-230V Modem Upgrade Instructions for AlphaEclipse StreetSmart Signs (pn 1179659501)
    This manual explains how to field upgrade an AlphaEclipse StreetSmart sign with either a 120V or 230V US Robotics 56K modem. Document date: 4/17/06
  2. questionKwikTrigger Quick Reference Guide (pn 97088104)
    A basic reference guide to installing and running KwikTrigger™, an enhancement package that runs in conjunction with Adaptive Micro Systems’ Ooh!Media® 2009 software. KwikTrigger allows the user to instantly interrupt a currently running schedule on the LED display by triggering ...
  3. questionWhite Paper: The Right Image for the Right Display (PN 97197032)
    This White Paper explains the interplay of resolution and image size, and how users should select and format artwork for optimum image quality on LED message centers. Entered 12/15/2010.
  4. questionOoh!Media Quick Start (pn 1302610101)
    Learn how to send messages to your sign fast! This guide provides step-by-step instructions for using Ooh!Media messaging software to create graphic messages and send them to your sign. Document date: 1/22/07 Revision date: 1/22/09
  5. questionWiFi Setup Guide - Connecting Wifi Units to Excite, RoadStar, or StreetSmart Signs that use Ooh!Media Software (pn 1288610101)
    This document explains how to connect WiFi units (bridge and access points) and send a test message to the sign using Ooh!Media to verify the installation. To use the kit with an AlphaEclipse™ RoadStar™ or StreetSmart™ sign, the sign must be using the new Ethernet controller an ...
  6. questionService Bulletin 07-0007 Software and Operating System Compatibility Matrix
    Use this compatibility matrix to quickly determine with which operating systems a particular software application is compatible. Document date: 10/24/07
  7. questionService Bulletin 07-0002 AlphaEclipse Signs and Daylight Saving Time
    The United States has changed the dates for Daylight Saving Time. These instructions explain how to set the sign’s time using AlphaNet or Ooh!Media. Document date: 3/9/07
  8. questionInstalling a Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector in StreetSmart and RoadStar Signs (pn 1179610703)
    The instructions in this document explain how to install/replace a Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector in an AlphaEclipse™ StreetSmart™ or RoadStar™ sign. Document date: 2/4/08
  9. questionOoh!Media Upgrade Kit for StreetSmart and RoadStar Signs (pn 1179610706)
    This document lists the components that comprise the upgrade kit, provides a list of tools needed to perform the upgrade, and a checklist to use while upgrading signs. Document date: 2/4/08