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  4. questionService Bulletin Part No. 12-0004 How to troubleshoot a bad USB communication chip on a BetaBrite Prism LED display withWindows XP.
    Document details the steps required to troubleshoot a USB Betabrite Prism to determine if there is a problem with the display itself that is preventing the software from being able to communicate with it.
  5. questionService Bulletin Number: 12-0003 Identifying Alpha Eclipse 2500/2600/3500 Series A vs. B Controllers
    In Adaptive’s current database, when given a Serial Number or a Customer Order, the exact controller of an Alpha Eclipse 2500/2600/3500 Series can be found. Unfortunately, some orders precede that tracking system. Thus, it is not possible to determine the original build of the product and replac ...
  6. questionService Bulletin Number: 12-0002 Resolving STS Flashing “LEDs” Light in Windows 7
    Resolving STS Flashing “LEDs” Light in Windows 7
  7. questionReference Guide: NEC Table 250.122 / Minimum Size Grounding Conductors
    An industry-standard table of requirements for minimum size equipment grounding conductors used in grounding raceway and equipment. This table is referenced in the quick-start guide for grounding that is included with Adaptive outdoor products. Added January 3, 2011
  8. questionTech Memo 11-0001: Revised Ventilation Instructions for Outdoor Signs
    Adaptive LED displays are designed to cool by natural convection rather than by mechanical means. This TechMemo clarifies Adaptive’s recommendations for mounting displays with respect to proper air circulation. Added 3/15/2011
  9. questionFiber Optic Communications for AlphaEclipse Signs (04-0002)
    Describes the fiber optic solution, parts, and implementation for communications with AlphaEclipse classic, RoadStar, and StreetSmart signs. Document date: 2/11/04
  10. questionService Bulletin 08-0002 Excite Installation Best Practice Tip for Cables
    This service bulletin provides a best practice tip for cable routing and installation. It explains a couple of benefits of creating a "Service Loop" and provides an example. Document date: 3/26/08
  11. questionPreventing Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Damage (TechMemo 00-0005)
    This memo describes precautions you can take to protect equipment when servicing board level components.
  12. questionRS485 Wire Changes (04-0001)
    Effective on or before February 1, 2004, Adaptive Micro Systems is offering new wire for use with RS485 networks. This change is necessary to optimize communications with Alpha and AlphaEclipse signs. Document date: 1/16/04
  13. questionMaximizing Wireless Transmitter Range (04-0008)
    This document provides information for increasing the range between the wireless transceiver connected to a computer and a wireless transceiver inside a sign. The Alpha RF900 is a 900 MHz transceiver and the Locus transceiver uses 2.4 GHz. Document date: 9/8/04
  14. question6-Position Adapter Wiring (05-0004)
    A 6-position adapter (pn 4331-0604) is typically used as an RS232 interface to connect a computer to a sign. This TechMemo describes how to correctly wire an adapter in order to create an RS232 connection to a sign. Document date: 8/10/05
  15. questionAlphaEclipse StreetSmart Signs Ground Wire Connections (05-0012)
    This document describes the symptoms of ground wires not being connected properly to the sign and how to fix the problem. Document date: 12/28/05
  16. questionAlphaEclipse 3600 Signs Resetting and StreetSmart and RoadStar Signs Displaying Partial Messages (06-0007)
    Signs using older firmware can reset or display incomplete messages. This bulletin explains the background, how to determine if your sign is affected, and how to display message text for these signs. Document date: 7/25/06
  17. questionService Bulletin 07-0009 Boss Repair Kit with Spacers Instructions (pn 1179610702)
    The Boss Repair Kit (pn 1179201702) applies to StreetSmart 17mm and 35mm signs. These instructions explain how to inspect signs for cracking and how to install the new screws, washers, retainer clips, grommets, and spacers. Document date: 7/9/07
  18. questionService Bulletin 07-0005 AlphaVision PC Sign Maintenance
    Provides the following information: Suggested maintenance guidelines Steps for performing a general inspection Closing the sign's operating system Inspecting internal fans and power supplies Cleaning or replacing fan filters Cleaning the front lens Cleaning the exterior of the display Setting ...
  19. questionService Bulletin 07-0004 Painting AlphaEclipse Excite, RoadStar, or StreetSmart Sign Cases
    This bulletin explains why these sign cases cannot be painted and provides alternatives to painting them. Document date: 4/16/07
  20. questionService Bulletin 07-0002 AlphaEclipse Signs and Daylight Saving Time
    The United States has changed the dates for Daylight Saving Time. These instructions explain how to set the sign’s time using AlphaNet or Ooh!Media. Document date: 3/9/07
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