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  1. questionAlpha Sign Communications Protocol (pn 97088061)
    This document explains how to use the Alpha® sign communications protocol to send messages and graphics to Alpha® signs. In this March 15, 2017 revision, Alphanet 3.0 protocol commands are documented for line spacing and character spacing. Note: Technical support is NOT provided with t ...
  2. questionAlpha Series Sign Installation Instructions (pn 97000043)
    Alpha Series Sign Installation Instructions
  3. questionSeries B Alpha Ethernet Adapter II Kit Installation Instructions (pn 97088101)
    This document describes the Series B Alpha Ethernet Adapter II and how to use it to connect a sign’s RS232/RS485 port to a 10/100BASE-T Ethernet network. With the latest revision, TechMemo #04-0009 is obsolete. In this revision, installation instructions, Alpha Ethernet software set up i ...
  4. questionPole Kit Installation Guide for Alpha 110C and Alpha PPD Signs (pn 97085006)
    This manual describes how to attach an Alpha® 110C sign or an Alpha® Personal Priority Display sign to a free-standing pole. Document date: 2/2/04
  5. questionNetworking Alpha Signs (pn 97000112)
    This document describes how to network standard Alpha signs. It includes the various networking methods, network interfaces, messaging software options, and an extensive glossary. This manual replaces the following: Network Configurations (pn 97088046) Networking Alpha Signs on a TCP/IP LAN ...
  6. questionAlpha Personal Priority Display (PPD) User Manual (pn 97085002)
    This manual describes how to install the PPD sign and connect it to a personal computer. Also, instructions in basic sign operation are given. In this "A" revision, changes were made to Adaptive's logo and trademark information. Document date: 12/12/03
  7. questionALPHA Marquee Control ActiveX Developer's Reference (Version 2.0) (pn 97092059)
    The Alpha® Marquee Control is a development tool designed to ease communication with an Alpha® Marquee Display. This document discusses system requirements and general use of the Control, as well as a Messenger Manager Utility. Document date: 1/17/03
  8. questionALPHA Marquee Control ActiveX Developer's Reference (pn 97092054)
    This 25-page document provides information for developers who want to send ActiveX data to Alpha® signs via COM port or IP addressing. The Alpha® Marquee ActiveX Control can display predefined, customized, or run-time messages. Included with the control is a Message Manager utility whic ...
  9. questionALPHA Marquee ActiveX Control Installation Instructions (pn 97092050)
    This 4-page document describes how to install, start, and uninstall the ActiveX software and how to print the user manual. Document date: 3/20/00
  10. questionHow to Install AlphaNET 3.0 Software (pn 97088099)
    This 2-page guide details how to install AlphaNET™ 3.0 software and how to print the software manual either before or after installation. Document date: 10/11/07
  11. questionAlphaNET Quick Start Card (pn 97088103)
    This pocket-sized, 3 x 4 card provides step-by-step instructions and tips for setting up the messaging software. Document date: 9/16/04
  12. questionAlphaNET 3.0 User Manual (pn 97088081)
    This document shows how to install and use version 3.0 of the AlphaNET™ software. Lengthy examples show how to set up and send messages to a network of signs. Document date: 10/11/07