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  1. questionWarranty Activation Installation Checklist (pn 1109610119)
    The Five-Year Warranty Activation Checklist ensures that an Adaptive LED display has been correctly installed according to manufacturer's guidelines. The authorized Adaptive Selling Partner must complete and return this Activation Form to Adaptive within 30 days of the sign installation to be ...
  2. questionReference Guide: NEC Table 250.122 / Minimum Size Grounding Conductors
    An industry-standard table of requirements for minimum size equipment grounding conductors used in grounding raceway and equipment. This table is referenced in the quick-start guide for grounding that is included with Adaptive outdoor products. Added January 3, 2011
  3. questionEarth Grounding Outdoor Signs (pn 97197008)
    Describes the proper method of grounding outdoor signs. Updated 8/18/2010 (Revision D) Original Document date: 10/27/08
  4. questionOutdoor Sign Electrical Requirements
    This document provides electrical guidelines and requirements for electrically connecting an Adaptive outdoor sign (Excite, RoadStar, and StreetSmart). You will also find this information in every outdoor sign install manual. Note: This information was extracted from the Excite installation man ...
  5. questionCircuit Breaker Replacement Instructions (pn 97175010)
    This document describes how to replace a single-pole, single-throw, 30A circuit breaker in AlphaEclipse™ Excite™, RoadStar™, and StreetSmart™ signs. In this "D" revision, pictures, callouts, and the document layout was updated. Document date: 5/16/08