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  1. questionAlpha Sign Communications Protocol (pn 97088061)
    This document explains how to use the Alpha® sign communications protocol to send messages and graphics to Alpha® signs. In this March 15, 2017 revision, Alphanet 3.0 protocol commands are documented for line spacing and character spacing. Note: Technical support is NOT provided with t ...
  2. questionWarranty Activation Installation Checklist (pn 1109610119)
    The Five-Year Warranty Activation Checklist ensures that an Adaptive LED display has been correctly installed according to manufacturer's guidelines. The authorized Adaptive Selling Partner must complete and return this Activation Form to Adaptive within 30 days of the sign installation to be ...
  3. questionAlphaEclipse RoadStar Installation Manual (pn 1175610102)
    This manual contains information on the following: Sign assembly, ventilation, mounting, and electrical connection Temperature probe Communication options Network wiring Shop drawings Document Date: 8/4/08
  4. questionReference Guide: NEC Table 250.122 / Minimum Size Grounding Conductors
    An industry-standard table of requirements for minimum size equipment grounding conductors used in grounding raceway and equipment. This table is referenced in the quick-start guide for grounding that is included with Adaptive outdoor products. Added January 3, 2011
  5. questionLantronix UDS1100 Connection and Device Programming Guide (PN 9719-7031B)
    The Lantronix UDS1100 is a single-port serial-to-Ethernet device server. This document outlines the procedures for connecting this device to Adaptive LED displays, as well as basic setup and programming instructions. PN 9719-7031/Revision B Updated 12/3/2010
  6. questionEarth Grounding Outdoor Signs (pn 97197008)
    Describes the proper method of grounding outdoor signs. Updated 8/18/2010 (Revision D) Original Document date: 10/27/08
  7. questionOoh!Media Quick Start (pn 1302610101)
    Learn how to send messages to your sign fast! This guide provides step-by-step instructions for using Ooh!Media messaging software to create graphic messages and send them to your sign. Document date: 1/22/07 Revision date: 1/22/09
  8. questionOutdoor Sign Electrical Requirements
    This document provides electrical guidelines and requirements for electrically connecting an Adaptive outdoor sign (Excite, RoadStar, and StreetSmart). You will also find this information in every outdoor sign install manual. Note: This information was extracted from the Excite installation man ...
  9. questionFiber Optic Communications for AlphaEclipse Signs (04-0002)
    Describes the fiber optic solution, parts, and implementation for communications with AlphaEclipse classic, RoadStar, and StreetSmart signs. Document date: 2/11/04
  10. questionSurge Suppressor Part Replacement Instructions (pn 97175008)
    This document describes how to replace the Citel M18 surge suppressor in AlphaEclipse RoadStar and AlphaEclipse Excite signs. Document revision "C" includes more pictures and callouts as well as changes to the document layout. Document date: 5/16/08
  11. questionCircuit Breaker Replacement Instructions (pn 97175010)
    This document describes how to replace a single-pole, single-throw, 30A circuit breaker in AlphaEclipse™ Excite™, RoadStar™, and StreetSmart™ signs. In this "D" revision, pictures, callouts, and the document layout was updated. Document date: 5/16/08
  12. questionTemperature Probe Installation Instructions (pn 97000132)
    Provides guidelines for the proper installation of the temperature probe for AlphaEclipse™ outdoor signs. The latest revision includes updates to the wiring pinout colors for the Excite™ 23mm Series A signs and updates to the formatting and copyright information. These instructions ...
  13. questionReplacing the WiFi Bridge or Access Point for Excite, RoadStar, or StreetSmart Signs (pn 1288610102)
    These instructions explain how to replace an access point or bridge unit connected to an AlphaEclipse ™ Excite™, RoadStar™, or StreetSmart™ sign that is using Ooh!Media messaging software.In the latest revision, we corrected the IP address information for the bridge and ...
  14. questionWiFi Setup Guide - Connecting Wifi Units to Excite, RoadStar, or StreetSmart Signs that use Ooh!Media Software (pn 1288610101)
    This document explains how to connect WiFi units (bridge and access points) and send a test message to the sign using Ooh!Media to verify the installation. To use the kit with an AlphaEclipse™ RoadStar™ or StreetSmart™ sign, the sign must be using the new Ethernet controller an ...
  15. questionUnderstanding Outdoor LED Electronic Signs (pn 97116007)
    This white paper explains the basic terms and concepts of light and human sight that are necessary for an understanding of LED sign technology and examines the variables involved in selecting an outdoor LED sign. In this "A" revision, changes were made to Adaptive's logo and trademark informat ...
  16. questionRS485 Wire Changes (04-0001)
    Effective on or before February 1, 2004, Adaptive Micro Systems is offering new wire for use with RS485 networks. This change is necessary to optimize communications with Alpha and AlphaEclipse signs. Document date: 1/16/04
  17. questionReplacing the Flash Card in AlphaEclipse Signs (05-0010)
    This document explains how to replace the Compact Flash Card in the following signs: AlphaEclipse 3600 Series B, AlphaEclipse RoadStar, and AlphaEclipse StreetSmart, Document date: 12/28/05
  18. questionAlphaEclipse 3600 Signs Resetting and StreetSmart and RoadStar Signs Displaying Partial Messages (06-0007)
    Signs using older firmware can reset or display incomplete messages. This bulletin explains the background, how to determine if your sign is affected, and how to display message text for these signs. Document date: 7/25/06
  19. questionController Board Replacement Instructions for AlphaEclipse RoadStar and StreetSmart 17X or 35X Signs (pn 97175006)
    This document describes how to replace the following controller boards in an AlphaEclipse RoadStar and StreetSmart 35X or 17X outdoor signs: 1175200601SP 11759002SP 11759014SP 1179210201SP In revision C, additional controller parts numbers for which these instructions apply were added, and th ...
  20. questionLight Sensor Board Part Replacement Instructions for AlphaEclipse RoadStar and StreetSmart Signs (pn 97175005)
    This document describes how to replace the light sensor board (pn 11759008SP) in an AlphaEclipse RoadStar and StreetSmart sign. Document date: 9/1/05
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